Australian Bollards supermarket bump rail are the perfect alternative to complement existing wall guards and corner guards.

Our protection range features alternative styles of crash rails bumper guards that can be manufacture to suit all types of column casings, from custom made and made to order to standard circles and squares to provide the correct solution of wall protection, to suit your specific needs.

Our wall mounted version bump rail is typically used for surfaces that are not suitable for floor mounting and are designed to protect items such as walls, partitions, insulated wall panels and masonry wall from damage from trolleys, mobile bin units and pallet trucks and other forms of wheeled traffic. 

This wall mounted style tubular bump rail is typically supplied mounted on flat bar posts with a circular base-plate and countersunk fixings.

Wall mounting is an ideal solution when you have a need to have a vacuuming, cleaning and polishing clearway under the rail, providing access right to the corner of the wall and floor, where upright mounts would otherwise be in the way.